Team Building

The most exhilarating group activity from around the world that’s accessible and fun for everyone. Using the infectious rhythms of West Africa, Brazilian Samba Or Peru, transform your group of individuals into a giant rhythmical percussion band, with each person playing their part in time and on cue.

The perfect team building experience tailored to your needs.


Begin your conference with a bang, energise your delegates right from the start.

Avoid the ‘After-Lunch Lull’, invigorate your delegates for the afternoon.

Finish on a high, with an uplifting finale that delegates will never forget.

Make an impact at your conference or event, as an Event Opener Or Event Closer this will leave a lasting impression with all your colleagues and clients.


  • High Impact Fun
  • Breaks down social barriers
  • Shared experience builds community
  • Neutralises hierarchy & business politics
  • Enhances self-esteem
  • Increases creativity
  • Raises energy
  • Decreases stress & relaxes

The BBC on the benefits of Drumming: